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Member Spotlight: Chelsea Lynch

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.

I’m originally from St. Augustine, Florida but have lived in El Paso, Texas for five and a half years. I was brought to El Paso by Tenet Health, the parent company of The Hospitals of Providence (THOP) out of my graduate program in Birmingham, AL. Currently, I serve as the Chief Strategy Officer for The Hospitals of Providence East Campus located in far east El Paso. Within this role, I have responsibility of developing new and current service lines, physician recruitment into El Paso, managing physician relationships and working closely with our marketing team on initiatives.

What inspired you to join YLS?

I was introduced to YLS through THOP’s employee giving campaign. On the donation form, there was information on how to be a fund reviewer so I decided to try it out! It was a great experience to learn about the nonprofit organizations in El Paso and to see where my donation was going. Soon after, I attended a wine and wisdom event and had the opportunity to meet some of the members. Everyone was so welcoming and seemed to have a similar passion for helping the community in a meaningful way. YLS has been a priority for me since then.

What has been your favorite YLS experience so far?

Wow this is a tough question to answer! I would have to say my favorite experience so far was helping YLS separate canned foods at a USPS location. About 15 of us came together for the food drive, and it allowed me to connect with others in YLS outside of a regular meeting. We all had a great time and even created a competition to see who could find the most unique donated item. There was food and karaoke, and it was so much fun.

Why would you suggest someone join YLS?

Join YLS if you want to invest in your community, meet new people, and experience new things! You won’t regret it.


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